HWA EVO - the revival of a motorsport classic as a unique customer car

Affalterbach, 16. November 2023 - HWA AG has been established as a manufacturer of successful racing cars and fascinating sports cars for many years. Now the Affalterbach-based company is positioning itself further as an independent car manufacturer and has announced the development of the HWA EVO. The road-legal sports car is a furious reinterpretation of the legendary Mercedes-Benz 190E 2.5-16 Evo II - equipped with state-of-the-art technologies. Delivery of the HWA EVO, which is limited to 100 units, is expected to begin at the end of 2025.

HWA combines its historic motorsport DNA with know-how from the present and future. The result bears the name HWA EVO and is an ultra-modern homage to one of the most famous DTM cars of all time, the Mercedes-Benz 190E 2.5-16 Evo II. The Evo II, of which only 500 were produced for homologation purposes, was a design icon of the early 1990s and set benchmarks for design and performance. Klaus Ludwig raced it to his first DTM title with Mercedes-Benz in 1992.

After the initial ideas of reinterpreting an absolutely iconic car and returning it to the road with modern technology, the first concept drawings were created. Designers and technicians worked closely together to turn this idea into reality. The HWA EVO takes up the design language of the classic and fills it with future-oriented technologies. The HWA EVO is based on the Mercedes-Benz W201 series. The car will be developed by HWA AG and produced using state-of-the-art technology in terms of powertrain, performance, chassis, brakes, aerodynamics and safety. The exact technical specifications are currently being finalized. The price of this extraordinary automobile starts at 714,000 euros (plus VAT). The first units of the HWA EVO are expected to be delivered by the end of 2025. The HWA EVO embodies the present and future of HWA AG like no other car. To mark the company's 25th anniversary, during which time HWA AG has grown to become a major player in the engineering and production of high-performance cars, HWA wants to offer its customers something very special with the HWA EVO.

Preparations are underway for a partnership with CURATED for the HWA EVO project. The US company is recognized as a leader in the segments of historic sports cars and restomod vehicles and is a profound expert in the market with excellent sales expertise. HWA AG and CURATED want to combine their skills so that the HWA EVO has the best prerequisites to become a great success.

Further information on the HWA EVO can be found at www.hwalegacy.com.

Hans Werner Aufrecht, founder of HWA and Chairman of the Board: "The EVO II was a design icon of the early 1990s and set benchmarks in terms of style. Our idea was to reinterpret this design. With CURATED, we wanted a partner at our side for this project who knows the market for such cars inside out and believes in the HWA EVO. I think we are creating the best conditions for the HWA EVO to be successful."

Martin Marx, CEO HWA AG: "Thanks to our company's long tradition, we see the HWA EVO as a flagship project into which we can incorporate all our experience and know-how. This further milestone is a demonstration of our capabilities and raises the bar to a new level so that we are optimally prepared for future tasks."

Gordian von Schöning, CTO HWA AG: "With the HWA EVO, we are consistently continuing our company's orientation as a vehicle manufacturer and combining our long history with the modern age. We have gladly accepted this challenge in terms of design and development and will soon be able to present a vehicle that will be unique on the market."

John Temerian, co-founder CURATED: “We couldn't be more excited for this project. With a shared appreciation for the essence of originality - and the authentic understanding of tenacity, technical mastery and mechanical excellence - HWA & Curated are joining forces in the pursuit of new automotive perfection. This venture merges state-of-the-art technology, 90s nostalgia and the thrill of the drive.”

The HWA EVO combines the successful history with the present and future of HWA AG. The reinterpretation of the legendary Mercedes-Benz 190E 2.5-16 Evo II is a tribute to this style icon of the early nineties. Based on the Mercedes-Benz W201 series, HWA AG has created a state-of-the-art car that combines the spirit of the past with the technology of today and tomorrow.

About HWA
From motor racing to perfect engineering: HWA is a 360° service provider with comprehensive technological and motorsport expertise in a multi-project environment. Formed in 1998 by Hans Werner Aufrecht and based in Affalterbach (Germany), the independent company fields the most successful team in the DTM and is a sought-after partner when it comes to developing high-performance cars. As specialists in special motor racing technology, together with the relevant development, support and logistics services, HWA is also responsible for many automotive and sustainability projects.

Established in 2015 and led by Co-Founders John Temerian and Jordi Ricart, alongside partners Alan Lazowski (Founder and CEO of Laz Parking) and Jim Goetz (former CEO of Sequoia Capital), CURATED specializes in Vintage Blue Chip European Automobiles — specifically low production examples built between the 1970s and the early 2000s. CURATED is not a traditional dealership or restoration facility, it is committed to discovering, preserving and documenting legendary examples of automotive excellence. Known for its meticulous restorations of analog supercars and unparalleled technical expertise, as well as its keen ability to procure the rarest of examples of automotive excellence, CURATED is celebrated internationally for pairing the world’s best supercars with the world’s best collectors.