Trackside support for testing and racing

The reputation of HWA as a forge of success in motor sports is legendary. In addition to our engineering know-how, it is based above all on our expertise as experienced support service providers for testing and racing operations. The meticulous preparation of racing cars and the perfect execution of all tasks necessary for the operation of a racing team have made us the most successful team in DTM history and still describe our key competences.

At the service of speed

No one knows more about the use of a racing car and the interaction of the various technical components than the manufacturer. Therefore we bring our know-how to the race track and are involved in a wide variety of series - from GT sports to formula racing. We do this partly on our own and partly in cooperation with customers and partners. You can find out more in the Motorsport category.

HWA specialists on site

Especially in GT sports, our support services are very important, since on a race weekend, around 100 GT3 and GT4 vehicles built by HWA can be in use Worldwide. A team of our engineers and mechanics are always active on site for support at highlight events, but we also provide rapid assistance with first-hand manufacturer knowledge from Affalterbach for all other races and questions. And not only nationally: our mechanics, engineers and our mobile spare parts center are on duty at racing events all over the world. Thanks to the mobile spare parts supply with our trucks, the teams on site are always optimally equipped, can react quickly and guarantee their operation at all times.

Further services also include the organisation, implementation and monitoring of tests or special race track events, as well as the possibility of sub-contracting personnel from a pool of HWA specialists for your own on-site assignments.

In order to be able to cover the wide range of services worldwide, HWA has established 100% subsidiaries in Wilmington, Delaware, USA and in Mornington, Victoria, Australia.