Trading data information

Total number of shares: 5,991,914

Share capital: EUR 5,991,914.00

Shareholder structure as of 02 June 2020

  • Aufrecht family: 36.5 %
  • Dörflinger Man. und Bet. GmbH: 26.4 %
  • NBK: 24.5 %
  • Private and institutional investors: 12.6 %

Xetra Frankfurt specialist, applicant, Deutsche Börse listing partner: Baader Bank AG

Designated sponsor: ODDO SEYDLER BANK AG

Business information

Date founded:

  • 11th August 1998

Accounting standard:

  • HGB (German Commercial Code)

Financial year:

  • Calendar year

Management board: 

  • Martin Marx 

Supervisory board:

  • Hans Werner Aufrecht, Chairman of the Board
  • Ing. Willibald Dörflinger, Vice Chairman of the Board
  • Dipl.-Ing. Gert-Jan Bruggink
  • Hussain A. Al Siddiqi
  • Klemens Große-Vehne
  • Simone Stegmaier

Short business description

HWA AG is an independent, 360 engineering specialist in the fields of automobile racing and high-performance cars. Formed in 1998 by Hans Werner Aufrecht, the company is based in Affalterbach (Germany) and employs around 300 highly-qualified members of staff. HWA AG is operating worldwide and has subsidiaries in the USA and Australia.

All its products and services are offered under the corporate slogan ENGINEERING SPEED: The company's objective is to develop the best possible high-quality solutions, in order to get its partners and customers to their destination quicker. The portfolio of services ranges from designing all vehicle components to assembling complete cars, together with the relevant logistics, after-sales and support services. HWA AG has its origins in the racing sector, and offers all services for the implementation and execution of racing operations - in the classic series, but also leading in electric racing formats.



Benzstrasse 8
71563 Affalterbach
Phone +49-(0) 71 44-87 17-279
Fax +49-(0) 71 44-87 18-4561