Teilnahmebedingungen Gewinnspiel

A. Short description
Entry in the competition is via the HWA AG Instagram page. Anyone who is a fan of HWA AG and who „likes“ and comments on the competition post, is automatically entered into the raffle.

B. Entry conditions
1. Employees of the HWA AG (hereafter referred to as the Organiser) and their relatives are not eligible to enter the competition. 
2. The competition is open to persons aged 18 and above. Entry is only possible within the period stipulated in the competition description. There is no right of appeal.  
3. Participants are obliged not to share any illegal content.
4. This promotion is not associated with Instagram und is in no way sponsored, supported or organised by Instagram. HWA AG is responsible for the competition.
5. The contact partner for any questions, suggestions or complaints is the agentour GmbH.

C. Prize 
1. Any participants who are fans of HWA AG and have „liked“ and commented the post, have a chance of winning. A draw will be made immediately after the end of the competition to determine the winners.
2. The winners will be contacted on Instagram once the deadline for entries has passed. The winners must then reply to their message within a day of the draw, otherwise a new draw may be made to determine a new winner. 
3. The prize cannot be paid out in cash. 

D. Liability
1. Claims for damages against the Organiser, in relation to the competition, are – to the extent permitted by law – excluded, irrespective of the legal grounds, unless the Organiser has breached its legal obligations wilfully or by gross negligence.
2. Furthermore, the Organiser shall not be responsible for damage resulting from the affected availability of the competition website due to technical failures or events of force majeure, or from third-party attacks on the competition website. However, the Organiser will do everything in its power to ensure the reliability and functionality of the competition website. Furthermore, the Organiser makes no guarantee that the competition website performs properly on the respective participant’s computer.

E. Data protection 
1.The Organiser shall provide the highest possible standard of data protection, within the framework of the competition, and shall comply with all legal provisions in this regard.
2. The Organiser shall not pass on any personal data to third parties, nor shall the Organiser sell any address details.
3. The Organiser shall save the personal data of the respective participant. The participant hereby explicitly declares his/her consent for the personal data disclosed to be saved and used.

F. Exclusion 
The Organiser reserves the right, at its own discretion, to remove any participants from the database, or to disqualify any participants, without prior notice. Anyone who has made incorrect statements regarding their personal details shall be disqualified. We reserve the right to disqualify participants from the competition should justifiable grounds arise, such as manipulation, infringement of the entry conditions, etc. There is no claim to a right to participate, or to the prize.

G. Amendments
We reserve the right to change, restrict or completely discontinue the format of the competition at any time, and without prior notice. The Organiser will avail itself of this possibility if, for technical or legal reasons, it cannot be guaranteed that the competition is run properly. Should the behaviour of a participant make it necessary to change the competition, or to end it prematurely, the Organiser may demand compensation from the participant. The competition may be temporarily unavailable, particularly due to technical failures or maintenance work, without participants being able to base any claim against the operator of the competition thereon. We reserve the right to change or extend the entry conditions and conditions of implementation at any time and without prior notice. Amendments and additional agreements regarding the conducting of the competition must be made in writing in order to be effective.

H. Granting of rights and granting of rights for the publication of the winners’ names
By entering this competition, you are accepting the regulations detailed here in full. The conditions can be accessed online, free of charge, by all participants, and can also be sent by E-mail upon request. It is not possible to send the conditions by post.
By entering the competition, the participant gives his/her consent to be named. As such, their names may be mentioned on the Instagram platform. It is not possible to claim financial compensation for this.

I.Severability clause
Should individual conditions detailed here be or become ineffective, this does not affect the validity of the remaining conditions. The ineffective condition shall be replaced with an effective and implementable regulation, the effects of which come closest to the original purposes. The conditions above shall also apply in the event that the regulations are found to be incomplete.