Quality at HWA AG:

Quality Management:

In order to guarantee an optimal quality within a growing business environment, HWA AG has introduced a quality management system according to the ISO 9001 norms across all departments of the company. This is aimed at making sure the organizational, administrative and technical processes which influence the quality of the products and services are planned, managed and checked.
The quality management system is enforced in the development, production, servicing and sales of our racing cars, special vehicles, top end sport cars and car components.
Our compliance to the ISO 9001 norm is being checked on a regular base by audits and guaranteed by official certificates.


Projects are being managed in close cooperation with the relevant control and registration institutions.

In order to get a car or a component registered, legal tests are being conducted throughout the process and a relevant documentation is being produced.

This enables to comply successfully with the customer request and guarantee the registration of the car or a component at the end of the process.

Quality Guarantee:

HWA AG is duly equipped in order to guarantee the quality of the materials, the production and assembly.

  • Air conditioned measuring room:
    • 3D-measuring machine with an operative surface of 1200 x 1800 x 1000 mm
    • Cylindrical coordinate machine for high precision measuring of crank and camshafts
    • Measuring devices directly linked to the design department in order to make direct comparisons with CAD-Data
    • Hardness measuring machine Vickers, Rockwell and Brinell
    • Magnetic powder and penetrant color cracking measuring machine  
    • Optical measuring devices
    • Measuring software with surface generator
    • Spring measuring machine
    • Etc…
  • Car measuring plates
  • Engine dynos
  • Powertrain dynos
  • Dynamic dyno
  • Simulator

The equipment are monitored and checked on a regular base.