Preview: Second race of the season in Oschersleben

Information and comments - DTM race at Oschersleben

  • Second DTM race of the season from 17th to 18th May in Oschersleben
  • Digital race facts: See attachment for further information regarding the Oschersleben racetrack and the 2014 DTM season
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Stuttgart - The second race of the DTM's 30th anniversary season will be staged this weekend in the Motorsport Arena Oschersleben.
The circuit: Oschersleben has hosted the DTM since 2000, and this year marks the 15th running of the race at the 3.696 kilometre circuit. The track is between eleven and thirteen metres wide and has a difference in elevation of 23 metres. There are 15 turns: 7 left-handers and 8 right-handers. The race is held over 51 laps, which equates to a race distance of 188.496 kilometres.
Video: Oschersleben onboard lap, commentary by Christian Vietoris, low-res (German)
Video: Oschersleben onboard lap, commentary by Christian Vietoris, hi-res (German)
Video: Oschersleben onboard lap, commentary by Paul Di Resta, low-res (English)
Video: Oschersleben onboard lap, commentary by Paul Di Resta, hi-res (English)
Comments on the DTM race at Oschersleben

Pascal Wehrlein (19, Deutschland, gooix Mercedes AMG C-Coupé):

  • achieved four podiums in Formel ADAC at Oschersleben

"I've been contesting races at Oschersleben ever since the start of my career and really like the circuit. I just love winding racetracks in general, and Oschersleben falls into that category with some fast turns, plus a number of slower ones. Overtaking on this circuit is one of the many challenges that need to be mastered. I was the best Mercedes driver at the season opener, so that's a start. I aim to repeat that feat at Oschersleben."
Gary Paffett (33, England, EURONICS Mercedes AMG C-Coupé):

  • has secured three podiums in Oschersleben
  • won the Oschersleben races in 2005 and 2007

"Oschersleben is a difficult track, but I really like it. It has high kerbs and leaves a driver no room for error. You are constantly on the limit. The first turn with DRS provides the best overtaking opportunity of the whole track, but you can also overtake reasonably well in Turn Four. The triple left-hander is one of the trickiest: You drive along the edge of the track and must attack as best you can, whilst at the same time setting the car up so that you can brake down for the right-hander that follows. This is one of the highlights of the whole circuit."
Paul Di Resta (28, Scotland, DTM Mercedes AMG C-Coupé):

  • secured his first podium in Oschersleben in 2007 in his second DTM race
  • won the 2010 DTM race in Oschersleben from pole position

"I've often driven in the DTM at Oschersleben and even won my last race there from pole position back in 2010. I hope that's a good omen for the second race of my comeback season. Unfortunately, Hockenheim didn't go well for me, but now we want to set about changing things bit by bit, using our experience from the first race weekend of the season. We must stay focused and continue to work hard."
Christian Vietoris (25, Germany, Original-Teile Mercedes AMG C-Coupé):

  • secured his first DTM points in Oschersleben in 2011

"I clinched the first points of my DTM career in Oschersleben - I like to remember that. My start to the season at Hockenheim was anything but memorable. However, I am mentally strong enough not to get too worked up about that and will, as always, do my best."
Vitaly Petrov (29, Russia, THOMAS SABO Mercedes AMG C-Coupé):

  • will contest a race in Oschersleben for the first time ever in his career

"My DTM debut was satisfactory in my eyes. Of course, the result could be bettered, but I'm happy that I continued to improve during my first race weekend. Now I'm off to my second DTM race in Oschersleben. I've never driven there before and am quite excited at the prospect of learning a new track. I've heard from colleagues that the circuit is quite challenging. I love a fresh challenge!"
Robert Wickens (25, Canada, FREE MAN'S WORLD Mercedes AMG C-Coupé):

  • secured points in his first race in Oschersleben

"I like the track there. Oschersleben is technically very demanding, has plenty of turns and is very unforgiving. Put a foot wrong, and you immediately lose your rhythm for the ensuing turns, making a hot time on that lap no longer possible. That's particularly crucial in qualifying when trying to extract the last hundredths of a second. Even the slightest mistake can cost you vital grid positions. I've normally done quite well at Oschersleben in the past. Only time will tell what significance that has for the here and now."
Daniel Juncadella (23, Spain, Petronas Mercedes AMG C-Coupé):

  • knows the Oschersleben track well from his time in Formula 3

"Oschersleben has always been one of my favourite tracks. Unfortunately, I didn't have a particularly good weekend there last year. The team has worked day and night since the season opener to analyse the data from Hockenheim and improve our car for Oschersleben. However, we realise that we must take things step by step. The track is very demanding for both driver and vehicle and has few straights where you can relax a little in between the tricky, twisty bits. You need good traction and a stable vehicle through the many slow corners in order to be fast at Oschersleben."
Toto Wolff, Head of Mercedes-Benz Motorsport:
"In the days since the season's opening race at Hockenheim, our team has worked unstintingly to go through this year's first race weekend with a fine toothcomb. The goal of these efforts is to significantly improve our performance for the second race at Oschersleben. We know that every single one of our drivers has what it takes to achieve top results and victories in the DTM. Now, we must give them the right tools for the job, so that they can do what is necessary out on the track. We know that we are well down on the competition at the moment, but that deficit can only be reduced bit by bit, so any hope of a significant improvement in Oschersleben is a pipe dream. The Oschersleben circuit is situated in an area where enthusiasm for motor sports has always been quite palpable. That makes us even more determined to produce a better result for the fans than two weeks ago at Hockenheim and show some appreciation for their terrific support."


Source: Daimler AG