Motor Racing History

120 years of Mercedes-Benz motor racing history - a success story

  • The 2014 motor racing anniversary year: 120 years of Mercedes Benz in motor racing - 80 years of the Silver Arrows
  • Comprehensive press kit brings to life the successful motor racing history of Mercedes-Benz from 1894 through to the present day
  • Download the press kit at

Stuttgart - The year 2014 is associated with several special racing anniversaries, starting with 120 years of Mercedes-Benz motor racing through to the 80th anniversary of the legendary Silver Arrows. Mercedes-Benz have produced a comprehensive press kit, setting out the achievements in motor racing history during the past 120 years.
From the first automobile race in history in 1894 to the comeback of the Silver Arrows in the modern era, the racing activities of Mercedes-Benz and its predecessor brands tell a success story that has its roots in the early days of the automobile.
The press kit marking the 120-year anniversary of Mercedes-Benz motor racing revisits the outstanding moments in the brand's racing history - from participation in the world's first car race in 1894 to the first victory of a Mercedes at the Nice Race Week in 1901 and the one-two-three finish of the Daimler-Motoren-Gesellschaft in the Grand Prix of Lyon in 1914, moving on to the Silver Arrows era pre and post Second World War and the various successes in the DTM.



Source: Daimler AG