Electrical / Electronic

The tasks of the electric and electronic department are the following:

  • Development and manufacture of the entire E/E topology of the race cars as well as street cars
  • Development and manufacture of harnesses as well as electric and electronic devices
  • Layout/development of functions in control units
  • Layout, build-up and operation of measurement systems in cars and data analysis including the support of the necessary tools (HW and SW)
  • Assembly and first start-up of the complete car-electric
  • Application and calibration of electronic control units (for ex.: engine control unit, gear-shift control unit…)
  • Support of the test benches
  • Support of missions (inland and abroad)

These topics can be divided into the areas
Assembly and
Mission support.

This means:


  • Harnesses for race and street cars
  • Electronic devices
  • Functions in electronic control units
  • Measurement systems
  • Calibration of electronic control units


  • Harnesses for prototypes and low volume productions
  • Electric and electronic devices for prototype and low volume productions
  • Application of strain gauges


  • Build-up of the electric/electronic system in cars
  • Build-up of the measurement system in cars
  • Build-up of prototypes and test cars
  • Assembly of the entire electric car system
  • Electric and electronic end-of-line check

Mission support

  • Support of the car electric/electronic system during race-events
  • Support of the car electric/electronic system during test-events
  • Support of the car electric/electronic system during events of the AMG-Driving Academy
  • Service of the cars developed and build by HWA